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field. coach mike shanahan called this game a must win earlier this week. dan hellie is live at fedex field tonight. now how the skins wanted to head into their bye week. >> reporter: not at all. not only did shanahan call it a must win, but the carolina panthers felt disrespected because they were the homecoming opponent. the panthers did come in at 1-6, but they rarely beat the redskins in every facet of the game, winning for the first time in five games. this is the redskins worst loss of the season as they drop to 3-6 going into the bye week. rg3 and the redskins in throw-back uniforms. these two have been compared a lot. picking it up in the first quarter, williams finding room down the sideline. now the referee blew the whistle. several redskins players told me that they stopped playing. the panthers up 7-3. newton trying to add to carolina's lead, throws a strike to steve smith. that's a 19-yard touchdown. the panthers take a 14-3 lead. under 20 seconds to go in the game. the redskins down 21-13. a touchdown and two-point conversion ties it. rg3 over to brandon banks, and i don
for the redskins. mike shanahan speaks out about the rest of the season. now, the toyota sports desk. of talk was a lot about mike shanahan's post-game comments after that loss to carolina. mike says he was misinterpreted of context.t he wants guys who will compete here for years to come. have been crystal clear. it doesn't matter what your .ecord it 6, 14-27shanahan is 3- overall. his record at fedex field is 5- 15. what kind of home field is that? i could not figure out that last play. shanahanrnoon, mike explained it this way. >> it did look silly. to startzards are 0-2 this season. they play the celtics wednesday night. miami for theu to heat. it up in the third 124-99. the heat winds miami is now 3-1. look at this play off the missed field goal. blastoff, from the back of the end zone. this is quicker than gossip. six minutes after 95 yard return .e had earlier today we got word that demetrius hartsfield tore his acl and will be out for the season. i've never seen anything like it. >> if you see any polling problems tomorrow, let us know website. we will be right back with a at the forec
to dominate. mike shanahan talks about the eagles. what happened tonight with the wizards? they could not make a >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the washington nationals of awards and theop national league. was named the group -- the year. of tonight, davey johnson took the manager of the year. he led the nationalist, a team which did not have a winning to the best team in all of baseball. davey johnson will turn 70 next year. he says it is world series or bust. if we did not win the i would getthought fired. if i won this award, i thought i t fired. hopefully, i can live through getting this award. world series or bus, it is going be my last year. >> the wizards went to charlotte their first win of e season. take you back to time -- time warner cable arena. made it look easy. he led the bobcats with 17 points. generateds could not any offense. 17 turnovers for the wizards. anythingd not get going. 92-76, that was the final tonight. let's go to college basketball. virginia hosting delaware. 59-oints and 20 rebounds, 53, a virginia hit only 37%
-13 victory over the cowboys. we'll have the latest on mike shanahan. he'll meet with the media tomorrow. we'll have that tomorrow at 5:00. and thanks to rich dunn, great job. thanks for watching sports xtra. have a great monday. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email: eople that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington
on the campaign 2012 banner at the top of the home page. >>> well, the redskins coach, mike shanahan has given up on the team making the playoffs. following today's loss to the panthers shanahan suggested players would be playing for their jobs after week five. >> the words can really be misconstrued, but when they initially were said, all the media folks and people that were listening in on tv were just like waving the white flag, what's going on. we're only week nine. the skins were back home playing a one-win team that has struggled all season and playing in front of some of the best redskins of all-time so it was a special day for them. like you said, it was a game that they should have won, bruce. instead, robert griffin iii's body language says it all. what the heck happened today? for the second day in a row the offense put up one of its lowest production days, an embarrassing day. fans are calling for some serious personnel changes this week but rgiii doesn't agree with that. >> people are going to criticize you and criticize the coaches, criticize the players. they are going to say that
the program is a cash cow. >>> we'll hear what mike shanahan has to say, a day after his controversial post-game comments. >>> elsewhere in the nfl, a post-game speech has everyone talking about his inspiration al message. in virginia, we know education means opportunity. that's why tim kaine expanded pre-k... championed higher ed and job training... helping make virginia "the best state to raise a child." but george allen has not made our kids a priority. as governor, he tried to cut funding for public schools. in washington, allen voted to end tax deductions for college tuition. and now, a budget plan that devastates k-12 classrooms-- all to pay for even more tax breaks for the wealthy. seiu cope is responsible for the content of this ad. >>> in less than 24 hours, the polls will open on election day, the presidential race likely to be decided by a few battleground states, including, of course, virginia. >> latest polls show them in a virtual tie in the commonwealth. julie carey is in fairfax where mitt romney was making his final pitch today. julie? >> reporter: well, in the quiet you se
. this is not where they thought they would be. fans are starting to look at mike shanahan to record. some of the fans are losing patience. i want you to listen to london fletcher. >> the first two years, you are in a process of weeding out the guys you do not feel will be what you were looking for. things like that. that is what he has done. regardless of what his record is we note he is a super bowl winning environment. >> the redskins defense should be chomping at the bit to get the eagles. did you see this mass last night? the eagles were kidnapped. -- inept. something has to give. the wizard left for boston and will play the celtics tomorrow night. let me go out to los angeles. the cavaliers and the clippers. chris paul was contained most of the game. this is a houdini move. watch this. the clippers had 25 turnovers. cleveland wins it 108-101. in orlando, a soldier was asked to come on down for the trampoline dunk. he hangs on the night before going down. that delayed the game by about 15 minutes. all is forgiven for one of our service people. we appreciate what they do. >> for hockey fans, both
. . >> and you and me both, sue. today, mike shanahan busy putting out fires regarding comments he made following yesterday's loss to the carolina. coming up, the head coach makes abundantly clear he's not lost faith in his team or this season. straight ahead in the news edge.  charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. annou"a champion of the tea ideologuet: who is part of the problem in congress." bartlett calls medicare unconstitutional. and even wants to completely abolish student loans for college. no wonder bill clinton and the
will play for the injured michael vick. mike shanahan is hoping the down time can create an upward trend the next seven games. robert griffin, iii says his ribs are much better after some soreness in the carolina game and a handful of other guys are trying to get back into game speed including pierre garcon. lindsay murphy has the latest. >> reporter: good evening from redskins park. mike shanahan said his team came back eshed, rejuvenated and ready for the second half of the season, but they are struggling and it's not getting any easier down the stretch starting sunday with the philadelphia eagles and four days later with the dallas cowboys, but mike shanahan does have a message for his team the second half of the season. >> got to play your best football the second half of the season. we've had some opportunities in the first half and we haven't closed a couple of those games. now there's no error. you got to play your best and you've got to play it from philly on. >> shanahan came in the meeting this morning with bass in their voice and the players had swag. we got something special
heated issue. >> what would that be? how about a little mike shanahan and the redskins. what is going on with the redskins? head coach mike shanahan talks about the team's plans to turn around a disappointing season coming up next in the morning line. line. >> and as we go to break, remember, is the place to find complete election coverage. tweet us about this historic day. we'll have live strohmeyering coverage. can you track returns on our results page and also download the fox 5 app to stay on top of everything throughout the day. -- we'll have live streaming coverage. we had a good group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care. mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. look, the reason i'm i
couldn't generate any magic and the defense was magic less. mike shanahan was not a happy man. and here's what he had to say. >> when you lose a game like that, now you are playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come. and now got a chance to evaluate players and see where we're at. not out of it statistically. now, we find out what type of character we got and how guys keep on fighting through the rest of the season. >> now to some folks this sounded like mike shanahan has given up. talk about that press conference and everybody wants to know was the coach throwing in the towel? what do you think? >> i see how they can take it that way at first. kind of in the heat of the moment. the team has not been playing well. but mike shanahan spoke to this point today in his monday press conference and said when he said evaluate the players, he meant the bye week. it was just taken out of context. i think it was more to put his players on notice. like you said, from what we've seen, they've just been awful. not been this team we saw at the beginning of the
. >> and they didn't, right? >> no, they didn't, unfortunately. mike shanahan had been saying it all week. it was time to step up or shut up. if the season were to be salvaged it had to start today. step up they did not. self-inflicted wounds seem to be the theme for the team. rg3 and cam newton and the panthers, a hungrier team. after converting two fourth downs, third time not the charm. cam newton leads his squad 98 yards, with this 19-yard strike to steve smith. great throw. better catch, smith's first t.d. grab of the season. panthers at the half, second half they strike big. newton finds edwards, huge block right there. inside the 10, but not after picking up 82 yards. punch to the gut for the defense and leads to this 1 yard cam newton keeper, 21-13 loss. mike shanahan with somewhat surprising comments following the game regarding the future. >> with a game like that, you're playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come, and i'll get a chance to evaluate players and we're not off it statistically, but now we find out what type of character we g
mike shanahan's passport and about $3,700 in cash. and-become the team said the items were found -- initially the team said the items were found, but that is not the case. a green belt than this. after he says he was evicted from his home without any warning and while his stuff was on the streets, he fell victim to seeds. john gonzalez explains. >> this 36-year-old has lived here more than a year. he came home to this, finding all of his belongings out on the street. >> it clearly says november 19, 2012, trial date. he has been the victim, but he does not understand -- evicted but does not understand why. he admits he was laid on his rent, but records show he paid all of it except $30 in late fees he was to appear in court next week, but then came this. >> they got somebody to read it before the $38. >> he says most of his belongings including three flat screen televisions and a couple of laptops were stolen. he chased this man after rummaging through his staff. >> my baby's crib, her stroller, everything was gone. >> the manager at the apartment complex did not talk on camera, b
some undecided voters in virginia. >>> and at 5:22 in sports, redskins coach mike shanahan responds to reports that he was basically throwing in the towel on the rest of the 2012 season. >>> and next at 5:15, howard might just have a 70 in store for us in the seven-day forecast. we'll be back. >>> good morning and welcome back to 9 news now. it is 5:14 on this tuesday morning, election day. a nice, cold 39 degrees here in the city. >> and there are some spots that are in the mid-20s in the suburbs. so it is a cold, frosty morning in many areas. freeze warning until 9:00, growing season ending for most of us. it already ended north and west several days ago when they had their subfreezing temperatures. we start you off with a look at the day planner. no bus stop forecast because no school today. temperatures are going to be decent. we'll have sunshine here, some high clouds mixing in. by noon 46. winds shouldn't be too bad, northeast five, 10 miles an hour, and by the time we get to 5:00, then we're talking about temperatures which are going to be in the upper 40s after topping out
to talk about mr. congealal ti, also known as mike shanahan. >>> public figures nfl coaches and players are always going to be talked about, not just by the fans who pay tons of money to see them in action, but by those of us in the media as well. us media folks get written up about, especially if we say anything the least bit controversial. that's what mike shanahan has encountered. shanahan said, in part, quote, now you're playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come. now, many took those words to mean he's already given up on the season, treating the next seven weeks like the preseason. today shanahan addressed this with some strong words directed at the media. >> if you're going to write something like that, especially that strong, i would appreciate at least a text or at least a chance to return a phone call to explain before somebody attacks like that. >> obviously not happy today. before that, however, he acknowledged that his words could be misinterpreted. but what he actually meant was they have a lot of work to do over the by week. >> we
about the redskins' loss and post-games comments. last hour, mike shanahan spoken said this. to find whichng guys really step up now. i don't care if you are a five player or a first-year player. when your back is against the up tohow do you stand adversity? it any time since that i am going play young players. >> he is not throwing in the towel. the defensive coordinator is deftly starting to feel the heat. is dead last in pass defense. rg iii still ranks among the top .assing leaders he continues to take big hits. the redskins still ranks second offensive lee, first in passing, andn ii is determined. >> no one is ever going to e i have insidet the greatest. it does not matter what it is, i sure i continue to .elp my team >> he took a tough it yesterday. for hockey fans, talks are scheduled for tomorrow in new york city. saturday and are trying to end the lockout. there they are working out to stay in shape. 82-gameibility of an schedule is now gone. with talks scheduled tomorrow, hockey fans. for >> i am a guy who just came into when they tell me to play, i will be playing. i just
into the bye week. mike shanahan with sobering words. welcome to nissan sports xtra. today's return to fed ex field was filled with the pageantry of games past, homecoming game. by game's end, it left fans longing for the glory days. a visit from the panthers. rg3 and cousins out of the tunnel sporting the throwback uniforms, looking good. skins' first possession, 3rd down rg3 hit in the head by hardy. panthers called for roughing the passer. we'll take the penalty and first and 10 at the 43. morris, off right tackle. good yards after contact. 16-yard pickup. let to a field goal, 3-0 skids. panthers' second possession, stays inbounds. you hear the whistle by the official. 30yards for the score. panthers in front 7-3. second quarter, redskins driving. robert griffin iii's pass comes down. 13-yard pickup. morgan wants to hear from the crowd. eight plays later, redskins, already converted two fourth downs on this drive. 4th and goal from the 2. rg3 denied. short of the end zone. panthers march 98 yards. 3rd and 10 from the 19. cam newton to steve smith, beating wilson on the play. 19-yard touchd
, and then mike shanahan said, after a loss like this, you are playing to see who will be on your football team for years to come. >> mike shanahan is not throwing in the towel, as the saying goes. >> it doesn't matter who is out there or who is winning. >> and his monday press conference, he saw to clarify the controversial statement he made just after yesterday's lackluster loss to the panthers. >> when you lose a game like that you have to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come. >> those comments with seven games left to play called some players by surprise. it seemed to rattle the redskins rank and file. >> i am not thinking about next year right now. >> you don't want to get your. -- to this point in your career were those words have been set. >> the redskins are three games back in the nfc east, to back from the wild-card spot. consider that the giants were 6 an 7 last year on their way to the super bowl championship. >> you don't have obviously much margin for error. >> it was done for a reason, going into a buy week, it put them on edge. i thought he wa
johnson from the practice squad. mike shanahan looked stock when he went to vote today. -- stoci when he went to vote today. all of the redskins for excited to go out and do their civic duty. >> i have to vote. >> the 2012 redskins campaign hits its by weak today. not before one more stump speech from the head coach. >> the coach was upset. he went to get his thoughts together. >> mike shanahan spoke to the team about the controversial comments he made following sunday's loss to carolina. >> he was not a very pleased with the way it was handled in the media. he was very clear to us about that. >>. those. the redskins have lost three straight. carolina has fewer windss. >> we have built ourselves a tough task but we can win a few more ballgames. we will get back in this thing. >> i cannot figure out why mike is upset with the media. they will play the eagles november 17. how about this play? he is 225, 80,000 people. somehow, that nobody saw him. he could go all the way, look at that guy. it was brought back. back is a little league play. write it down for a little league. >> that was a g
really frustrated. and don marie says so is mike shanahan. i think shanahan misspoke out of frustration and every right to feel that way just not publically. watching that game yesterday we should have won. shanahan knew that as well. topnotch coach. just need to iron out the kinks. rebuilding a team takes time. 11 years ago they were terrible. you can't rub a lamp and make three wishes come true. it takes time. ay. wish number 1 more play making receivers. two, better backs. redskins are all better now. i wish. i also wish for more e-mail. >>> that's our broadcast. i'll be right back here at 11:00. see you then. bye-bye. >>> kirstie alley's most personal interview yet about the baby she lost. >> when your doctor said, kirstie, your baby has no heartbeat -- >> i had no heartbeat. >> the dancing all-star opens up to "e.t." first about her miscarriage and cheating on her husband. >> kirstie alley is a cheater? >> what i did is worse than cheating. >> did she have a love affair with patrick swayze. >> i will forever be happy. >> how did the hurricane affect the balgtz for the white house?
to panthers has coach mike shanahan looking into the future after the team's third straight loss. shanahan said he'll use the team's final seven games to evaluate the players. basically saying he is already looking to next year. shan an used the words must win, but it sure didn't look like it, 13 penalties. shanahan used the word disappointed nine times in the post-game press conference. quarterback robert griffin iii also disappointed. >> it's just a bad feeling when you're walking off the field knowing you didn't go out there and execute like you wanted to. that's what we talked about. it's all about execution. people are going to criticize. they're going to criticize the coaches. they're going to criticize the players. they're going to say that a drastic change needs to be made. i don't feel that way. i feel it's on us, on the players to make sure we go out there and play. >> the team is off for its bye week now. skins take the field again on sunday, the 18th. >>> if you follow the redskins rule, the presidential race is all but sewn up for mitt romney. since 1940, the team's wins and l
with carolina. mike shanahan challenged them. the redskins are favored against carolina. talk about the defense, the redskins' defense. the skins defenses 30th and dead in pass defense in the nfl. has carried them. subparey say rg3 he had passes dropped all afternoon. >> i was trying to figure out to say -- they are some of the best professions -- at their the if they drop the ball, they now. what am i supposed to go say to them, go catch the ball? it is tough in that situation, but throughout the game, me theyly they told o fight for me.t >> meanwhile, roger adel is not happy -- he says the league is e --he product of determin determining discipline for a hall. the nfl said the league will make a decision tomorrow. the league announced the suspensions early in the week, just prepare without a guy. like it is just a fine, but i think it will be substantial. s to the nationals baseman adam laroche in g his first gold glove. the world series celebration continued in san francisco. thousands of fans on the giants, a wild halloween party ever since san francisco swept the tigers. it may be
. mike shanahan also said that wide receiver not expected to play, as well. the offen offen offense sorely return. leonard hankerson had the ball. hit him right in the hand. edward siz scissorshands could had better success. as for the rookie quarterback, he's taking it all in stride, as usual. >> he's got some of the best in the world. if they drop a ball, they know, i can't drop that ball. we've just got to go to doing the little things right. catch the balls when they're there. we've just got to focus. we've just got to get better. >> down a level. nothing like having a freshman linebacker starting for you at quarterback. the terps will start shawn petty as quarterback. three went down with torn acls. brandy edsel confident. hopeful that petty's pedigree will come in handy against georgia tech this weekend. >> he played quarterback in high school. i think he feels like he's a quarterback at heart. and i think he's really looking forward to the opportunity to go out there and play and he's excited. and we're excited for him. i think he wants to go out and play really, really well
. >>> someone stole mike shanahan's passport and also some money. this happened two weeks ago while the redskins were in pittsburgh playing the steelers. there's no word on how much money was taken. the money and passport was stolen from shanahan's locker at the heinz field. >>> three people were killed after hamas fired rockets into israel. they are the latest fatalities of the latest e conflict to hit the coastal region. five others were injured in that attack. >>> president obama is visiting new york city today. he's getting an update from local officials on superstorm sandy's recovery efforts and the cities most outer burro. randall pinkston talked to staten island residents about the visit. >> reporter: rudy is glad the president is looking at the damage. some relates say fema and private groups have not done enough to get them back on their feet. more than two weeks since the storm, thousands who have homes remain without power and heat. >> everything thinks they're going to be first in line. there's people who need assistance a lot faster than others, eventually they're going o to get to
, one of the reasons why they sit 3-6. mike shanahan hopes to start beating the opponents once they beat themselves. >> and kind of, you know, just disheartening. you work on that and that is a phase that we have been good at. we'll get better at it. i know we will and we have a lot of guys working together for the first time. >> and there is a lot of things going to be good in the game. you have to find a way to win and overcome the mistakes. obviously, we didn't overcome them. >> andion wall's recovery is heading in the right direction and he visited a doctor for an mri and expected to miss the next two to three weeks. without him, the wiz aren withless. last night a tough one in overtime for the celtics. the wizards battle from 11 down in the fourth quarter and with that chris singleton jam. a 194 final, they host the bucs tomorrow night. check this out. >>> the makeover of the uss baton. the amphibious assault ship will play host to georgetown in florida season opener, constructing bleachers and laying a hard wood floor for friday's navy marine corps classic. certainly going to be a
voted rgiii as captain for the rest of the season. now, coach mike shanahan says that's a first in his career but isn't completely surprised. >> you get a guy like robert griffin, if you voted right away it's hard for him to be a captain. midway through the season it makes sense. >> people will say it's me and i'll get all of the blame and all of the fame. but it's the guys around me that make me great. >> and it took a couple of weeks but the nfl finally decided to punish deangelo hall. he was rejected from the skins game yelling at the referees. he won't be suspended but the nfl has fined him $30,000 for that. so hall will be on the field, but a lot less money in his pocket. >> an expensive tantrum. >> we have some hope for sunday. >> let's hope so. >> yes. >> let's hope they can do it. we'll be right back. >>> whoa, baby. someone should give the new mom a metal or a day at the spa. she just gave birth to the heaviest triplets in the world. combined these little guys from sacramento weighed 20 pounds. she conceived the boys naturally and was determined to carry them to full term. she
appeared on the show shark tank. -- tank. no word.  . >>> on monday, mike shanahan talked about e valuing. it includes santana moss with a concussion, jamaal brown tip and pierre garcon's foot. there is a chance they could return to action. even the franchise, robert griffin 3 needs an extra day and after being hit nine times. it's taken the fair share of lunch through 9 games and understands the frustration and says they will blame the coaching staff and that is the wrong thing to do. >> and that will say a drastic change will be made. i don't feel that way and that it's on us to go out there and play. regardless of what the coach calls special teams. we're out there playing and have to make plays happen. >> a trip to the eastern conference finals is on the line for d.c. united and visit new york. unite side coming off of a disappointing one-run draw and lost right back andy nahar in the game with the red car in the 70th minute. tonight, not only will they be without rosario, but nah ar as well. >> and i don't think that we would change much. i think from the way
. >>> the redskins prepare and scott smith is up next. . >>> a lot often, the rookie voted captain and mike shanahan can't recall this and over the biweek, he was voted a cocaptain by the peers with cofield and boen. and joining the current, williams, london fletcher and alexander and hit refleshed and where he shent his -- spent his day office and it was not a familiar setting. he wanted to get his mind right for the final push of the sea soon and that he's hungry to lead his team to yes, the play- offs. >> this is one game at a time. you don't look to the future. you have to take care of what you have in front of you. what am i say something yeah, i think the play-offs are a realistic goal for us and i don't think that there is a guy in the locker room that doesn't believe that. >> they're a football team and understand we have to play that the second half of the season. they do regardless what your record is -- record is and you want to play well. the focus is on one game and that is selly. let's play the best football and concentrate on one game and do it that way. >> rg3 has 9 more nfl starts u
of nice. >> thanks. do we have to talk about it? >> everybody's talking about it. >> mike shanahan tried to clear that up today. i think he did an okay job. you are in the heat of the moment after a loss and words come out the way you don't want them to come out. addressed controversial comments he said after yesterday's loss to carolina. what did he really mean about evaluating his players? plus, no hockey. here's something to hold you over. soon be a hall of famer. sports is next. >>> and now 9 sports. >> if you thought the first 9 weeks were rough, wait for the next 7. the redskins have five divisional games left to play and a lot of work to do over the next 2 weeks. head coach disappointed with his team's performance yesterday against carolina. they got embarrassed home against a one win team. and post game conference he said now you are playing to see who is going to be on your football team for years to come. those comments got folks wondering if he's throwing in the towel. today he said he was misunderstood. >> when you talk about five games in the nfc east and 2 in the afc, we're
burgundy and gold so mike shanahan and jim haslett were asked today about what they knew about sir nick. >> just really don't know for sure. we were lucky enough to have him for a we can at the senior bowl. he's a great kid, a lot of ability. >> a lot of young guys playing in the league, a lot of young quarterbacks. we got one. he's just another one. that's like six rookies starting in the league this week. he's a good football player. >> wow, six rookies starting in the league. proof once again that we go anywhere for good football. our game of the week poll winner is walkersville and middle town, maryland. more than 1,000 voters. highlights tomorrow leading our coverage at 11:00. >>> maryland has already lost all their quarterbacks. go ahead and add their leading rusher to the list of the wounded. wes brown will need shoulder surgery after injuring himself in the wake forest game. recovery time 20 weeks. wow, hard to believe. >>> all right, meanwhile virginia and nc. that's gangnam style. kevin parks stuck in neutral. north carolina with a great goal line style. later in the drive, vi
and merriweather will play. mike shanahan said after the practice, both will play barring any setbacks over the weekend and boy could the team use the two weapons. merriweather hasn't played all season because of the sprained ligaments in his left knee. he was ready in week 4 and re- injured the knee. garcon tore his right foot and has been battling with pain since. he was ready and so is his qb. >> and enjoying getting back on the field. knowing you're not 100% and trying to be positive about it and being out there and get my team some epearliy to make the run. >> and it will be good to have him back. he's looking good and we're going to have many great games together. >> and start it now. the terps, the barclay center classic and host leu brooklyn at 7:00 p.m. the terps are 2-1 is this season. the wizards held practice and the team can't find their magic. the second straight year, they're the only nba team without a win. zero-7 is their record. saturday, the next chance and if they lose to the utah jazz 0- 8 would match the worse start in franchise history. you can't say they haven't been
a statement returning back, telling the largest winning margin under head coach mike shanahan. rgiii running out of the tunnel with the american flag. that will tie up the crowd. you can hear the chants going. diego hall takes it off. he takes it all the way inside the 10-yard line. the skins are in business. the offense would come on and lead to this. rgiii, wide open to darrel young. later in the first again, and then again. he intercepted. but randy mann -- brandon meriweather. he later left the game with another leg injury. he said he should be good for dallas. fires steep. he actually makes the kasper it 49 yards. it gets even better. third quarter, griffin. pretty much a throws up as far as he can, and santana moss, no stranger to the deep ball. 24-1/6. 2-- 24-6. tackle into the end zone. 31-6. >> i did not second guess what my instincts were telling me as far as just being out there when to throw, when not to throw. that was being hungry and knowing that this opportunity might not come again. i saw it, and i was hungry just knowing that those kinds of plays are big for our team. >> we
to win. 21-13. mike shanahan didn't mince words. >> when you lose one like that you are playing to see who is going to be on your football team for years to come and now we have to evaluate players and see where we are. >> redskins fall it 3-6. they have a bye week before taking on the eagles november 18. one undefeated team atlanta held off dallas during the sunday night matchup 19-3. falcons are 8-0. cowboys 3-5. seven of the team's final eight games are against teams with losing records. not good for the redskins. it is 40 degrees. >> some security concerns at howard university following a brutal attack on campus. we have the details on charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have bee
into a must-win game sunday. mike shanahan wants to see veterans like deandro hall set a better example for the young fellows. >> this is where normally football teams are taken over by their veterans. or you can go one direction or another. you expect these guys to play at a higher level. you expect the experienced guys to get the homost out of the players who are younger and not played at the highest level they can. it's step up or shut up. >> it's a must-win situation. we have to win by any means necessary. we want to definitely go into the bye with a good taste in our mouth. >> at this point, all of our goals are in front of us. we still have five division games left to play, and a lot can happen in eight games. >> you know, before the season started virginia tech was ranked 16th in the country. they were thinking conferences championship. tonight the hokies got a hurricane-size dose of harsh reality, thumped by miami, virginia tech sits at 4-5 and must win two of the last three to become bowl eligible. tech and miami's seasons both disappointing. first quarter, no score, uh-oh, bad
this brawl. looks like another sport that's for sure. >> redskins are back in action. coming up mike shanahan 's message and also injury updates. what key redskins could be back. that's all coming up as the news at 5:00 continues. how you doing? alright, alright. now this is a party. what is that? go, go, go. mmm. give me some of that sauce. i don't know, i think i might bail. yeah, it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems. freshly prepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces. this is it. now this is a party. [ male announcer ] try a 3 piece combo for just $5. today tastes so good. >>> the bye week is now in the rear view mirror for the redskins. the team returned to the practice field. scott smith joins us now with the latest. >> came at a good time providing three game losing spraek and gained ground without playing. the skins are surprisingly just two and a half games out with 7 to go. murphy was at practice today. your sense despite at record they believe they might have a chance to make things interesting down the stretch? >> reporter: yeah, the redskin
to be a part of this team. i don't know if i should go and cry to mike shanahan, or -- maybe talk to the owner. but i'm excited to be a part of the team. in whatever capacity i'm used in is what i can do. other than that, i don't know where to go from. but i'm excited to be back. i feel like i'm very, very capable of making plays for this team. and when my time comes, that's when it comes, and i'll have to take that opportunity. >> pierre garcon did practice today. didn't sound like he was 100%. doesn't know whether he's going to play on sunday. on the other side of the ball, brandon meriwether said he's felt as good as he's felt since he was healthy in the preseason. the pass defense ranked 30th in the nfl. how do you prevent the big plays to come from the defense? >> they have to continue to work but continue what they've done well early in the season. they have to be able to put pressure on the quarterback. they have struggled with that all year. i think brandon meriwether is a huge help. whatever capacity it is, we have to slow people down a little bit. look at a team, even like the new en
in on mike shanahan's controversial . >>> a chance to set the record straight. >> clarify a different audience. >> it was the media. the washington redskins players met with the media before hitting the road on a five-daybreak. today also gave coach mike shanahan an opportunity to deliver the same message to his guys about how he is not giving up on the season. the coach told his guys, he was misinterpreted when he spoke right after sunday's loss to the panthers. he didn't have to do too much explaining. they get it. >> we didn't take it out of context. i think you guys made a bigger deal about it than what we thought it was. >> i i heard it come out of his mouth and i heard his press conference and what he men to say. i know coach shanahan. i know he cares about the organization be this franchise. we've still got seven games left. it is a tough road ahead of us. do we have a tall challenge? we do. that's what we have. that's the whole thing. >> he seem in a good mood today. monday night football redskins' next opponent, visiting the saints. by brett selleck. into the hachbds patrick
. >>> is mike shanahan waving the white flag now? we're live at redskins park with reaction on the day after. >>> today we're talking about camera tickets. most fines from d.c. speed camera tickets actually dropped in cost because of a move from the mayor. drivers have complained bitterly about paying those high costs. adam tuss tells us if the new rules go far enough. >> reporter: wendy, no one can argue with the fact if you don't want a speeding ticket, you shouldn't speed. but here in the district is the line blurred when it comes to speed cameras like this one, responsibly. speed camera fines lowered throughout the city. most fines dropping by $25. as it stands now, if you get caught one to ten miles per hour over the limit you could get a $50 fine. 11 to 15 miles per hour over the limit, the fine is now $100. but for those going more than 25 miles per hour over the limit, the fine actually increases from $250 to $300. the changes took effect at midnight and are not retroactive. if you got a speed camera ticket before today, the old rates apply. but even with lower fines, some say the pr
touchdowns and perfect passer rates of 158.3. mike shanahan and company on the winning track 31-6 the final. >> this is is a tough to -- this is a tough profession. we lost some games we should have won and you don't get it done and find out what type of character you have and the toughness of your team you know it was a game we had to have. we knew that and the players went out and fought for a full 60 minutes and obviously came up with the plays and obviously the difference in the game. >> it was fun. you know, to go out and play the way we did with the mistakes we had. just not sharp all the way around burk we made the big plays. and i think all the guys are really satisfied with the outcome. >> reporter: so the loosing -- losing streak is over skins improved to 4-6 and it's a short workweek as wednesday they head for the big d a thanks giving day on thursday here on fox 5 between the skins and the cowboys. all right. the fans into this game. let's go out to bethesda where karen gray houston is standing by. >> reporter: we spent a lot of time at sports bars on redskins sundays just to ch
that had to deal with this. mike shanahan had to deal with getting a raw deal after a press conference where he said we're going to evaluate players for the rest of the year. he said, here's the plan. in the first practice coming out of the bye week, i'm going to show the team the standings. so he showed them all of the nfc standings. redskins tied for last place with the eagles, but one game behind the cowboys. even at 3-6, the redskins still essentially control their own destiny. five of the redskins' last seven games are against division opponents starting with the eagles on sunday. the eagles have dominated the redskins the last three years. this week the eagles coming in with a rookie quarterback. but jim hazlett still concerned about the other weapons they have on offense. >> their offense will not change. it's going to come out and they're going to try to move the ball up and down the field. they're going to run a bunch of different things at you early. and you've got to be able to withstand the onslaught early. you kind of settle into what we do and what they do. >> you let the
left to play and a lot of work to do over the next couple of weeks. head coach mike shanahan obviously disappointed with his team's performance sunday against carolina. they got embarrassed at home against a one-win team and in his post-game press conference, shanty said in part "now we're playing to see who obviously is going to be on the football team for years to come." now, those comments got folks wondering if he's thrown in the towel for this season. shanahan says it was misunderstood. >> when you talk about five games in the nfc east and two in the afc, we're just starting our nfc east tour, to think that we would play young players or suggest that we play young players and the season was over with is completely ludicrous. >> mike shanahan not too happy. now, the referees admitted that they incorrectly awarded panther's danville williams a touchdown in sunday's game. a ref blew an inad vertent whistle during the td run, but after review they upheld the call. the rules say the panthers should have been given a 1st down, not a touchdown. the injuries keep piling on at maryland. th
into the bye week. and as news 4's dan hellie tells us, mike shanahan is already looking towards next season. >> reporter: this was the tipping point game for the redskins. enter the bye week at 4-5, we'd be talking about the playoffs, hopes still alive, everybody praising rg3. lose, you drop to 3-6, and the season is all but over. and mike shanahan essentially acknowledged that in his post-game press conference, saying the redskins were now in evaluation mode, something you rarely hear from a head coach with seven games remaining in the regular season. >> obviously very disappointed. a must win game gives you the chance to play for a playoff spot. when you lose a game like that, now you're playing to see who is going to be on your football team for years to come. now we get a chance to evaluate players and see where we're at. obviously, we're not out of it statistically. now we find out what kind of character we got and guys fighting through the rest of the season. >> people are going to criticize the coach. they're going to criticize the players. they're going t say that drastic changes ne
that is interesting. coach mike shanahan didn't sound too optimistic about the future of the seem even though the season is not over. >> you lose a game like that. now, you are playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come and now we get a chance to evaluate player appears see where we're at. we are not out of it statistically but now we find out what type of character we got and how guys keep on fighting through rest of the season. >> wow. that was the coach. >> that is is coach saying that. marchs on washington are not unusual but marches with puppets are. although it sounds like something that is all in good fun, it carried a serious message. >> reporter: the marchers want the federal government to continue funding pbs. john henrehan takes us to the million puppet march. >> reporter: there weren't a million puppets on the streets of washington, d.c. but at least a thousand people, many of them with cloth and furry friends, turned out for what they call the million puppet march. the million puppet march was organized as a response to a debate comment ma
's not over. >> although mike shanahan appeared to thrown in the towel. >> can i talk about one other difficulty? watching that game at home, you couldn't see what was happening. >> consider yourself lucky. >> maybe i didn't want to see the 90 yard run. all right. let's go. temperature s across the country. building for big election day. 42 in washington. cincinnati, 28 degrees. check out international falls, 17 this morning. thank you for reaction. >> wow. >> i was hoping for something. san diego, 61. if you head to southern california, still nice and warm. here's what's going to be happening. a little cloud cover to start your day. should turn sunny here by early afternoon. highs with only about 50. the rain you see out towards st. louis, that is a storm system which is going to dive to the south. reorganize itself over the northern gulf of mexico. why should we care? >> i don't know. >> because it's going to move back towards the midatlantic as a noreaster and bring us a period of rain and wind into wednesday and thursday. watch the temperatures carefully off to the north and west
. >>> mike shanahan says just what happened recently to rg3 is a first in his coaching career. >> if you bet the wizardses wouldn't have a win by mid- november, you're correct. kristen berset has our morning sports. >>> good morning, everybody. all right, wizards fans, if you haven't already, it's time to face the facts. unless the wizards sign a 28- year-old michael jordan today, you're in for a very, very long season. seven games down, 57 to go. wiz -- 75 to go. wizards will hopefully win a game soon but last night wasn't one of them. john hall still out. the wizards could really use him. they did keep things interesting near the end. martin four for four pulls the wizards within three but the ball just wasn't bouncing their way tonight. the mavericks win this one by 6. the wizards fall to 0-7 on the season. >> rg3 has already proven he's a leader on the field. now his teammates showing him some respect. the rest of the offensive players voted the rookie is captain for the rhee of the season. coach mike -- rest of the season. coach mike shanahan says that's the first in his career but isn'
training classes are scheduled. >>> coming up skins coach mike shanahan is raising some eyebrows with comments he made after yesterday's loss to the panthers. >> plus a brand-new scam in the wake of hurricane screen sandy, how local con art tests are exploiting residents' -- artists are exploiting residents' power problems and trying to rip you off. we'll have more on that.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. pamela howze: it just seems s le such an... infringement on our lives. how dare they step into my life that way. it's none of their business. he's trying to restrict us, again. he's taking us backwards. george allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising. maryland, it's time. time for marriage equality. question 6 strengthens protections for our churches and guarantees the civil right to commit to the one you love. while there are those trying to divide us, presidents obama and clinton stand
. >> there was a lot of talk about mike shanahan's post-game comments sunday after that loss to carolina. mike says he was misinterpreted. every game is a playoff game and he once guys who will compete here for years to come. >> would you need to do is stop right away and tell your team what you know, what you intended to say even the lead might not have been crystal clear. it does not matter what your record is. the the the matter who is out there, who was not. >> the heat and the suns. third quarter. mario trawlers within is back to lebron james. -- mario with a nice pass back to lebron james. the wizards play tomorrow night against the celtics. have a great day everybody. >> 5:27. 34 degrees. >> still ahead live team coverage of election day and the u.s. senate race in virginia. tim kaine >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> the most expensive race in history now in the hands of voters. president obama and mitt romney watched the clock. the much of the results as they come in for the presidential election. good morning washington. >> happy election day. let's get
in the nfl. sunday's loss to the panthers the high watermark, 13 for 97 yards. mike shanahan says the problem needs to be fixed immediately. >> it kind of, you know, it's disheartening because you work on that. that's always been a phase we've been pretty good at. we'll get better at it. i know we will. we've got a lot of guys working together for the first time. you got to overcome those penalties. a lot of teams won with more yard than that. there's a lot of things that are going to be good and bad in the game, but you got to find a way to win. you got to overcome those mistakes and obviously we didn't overcome them. >>> coming up the hokies aiming for an upset over no. 10 florida state. we're back after this. in celebration of over 75 years of our governmnment employees insurance company,or geico. i propose savings for everyone! and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! too bad nobody could hear me. >>> john wall's recovery is heading in the right direction according to randy wittman. the wizards' guard visited a doctor today which showed improvement in the le
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